Winch Sputnik (for automobiles) Winch Sputnik (for automobiles)

Performance attributes: The greatest allowable effort in a rope 5KN (500 kilogauss); Radius of rotation of the handle 680 mm; Overall dimensions 880870145 mm; Weight 9 kg.

Price: 2250 rub. (87 USD)

Hand-cart for gardens and kitchen-gardens
Performance attributes: Loading capacity 70 kg; Overall dimensions 1350x600x540 mm; Weight 15 kg.
Price: 1400 rub. (54 USD)

offee-grinder "Melnitsa"

Performance attributes: Cup capacity (coffee-beans) 0,4 kg; Chute capacity (ground coffee) 0,02 kg; Overall dimensions 180x180x400 mm; Weight 2,5 kg.

Price: 950 rub. (37 USD)

Invalid carriage "Muravey"

The carriage is intended for indoor transportation of a disabled person. The carriage is driven into movement by the invalid himself with the aid of the carriage hand drive. In addition to interflat movements, the carriage permits the following actions: working at a desk; taking seats at different height or take a bed; lifting himself upward or downward to the floor level; using a bath, wash basin or a closet without any assistance.
Performance attributes: Loading capacity 100 kg; Height of a seat above a floor: The least of 200 mm; the greatest 700 mm; angle of rotation of a seat 270; Overall dimensions length 920 mm; width 550 mm; height 1400 mm; Weight 60 kg.
Price: 5300 rub. (205 USD)

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